It was quite an eventful week.

To start with, I got a side gig at the job, working on our company’s iOS app. I had shared my personal interest to work on iOS a while ago, and I did not hesistate to grab the opportunity when it appeared. With already more than two years of backend developer experience across our products, I think I will be able to contribute with a lot of deep domain expertise inide the app team. At the same, I am hoping to learn as much of the nitty-gritty intrinsics of the iOS platform. I am a data-passionate backend developer by heart and experience, and so will I remain. Yet, I am also a firm believer in the eye-opening potential of learning new things, so opportunities like this are always welcome.

Note: A great way to explore the capabilities of the CALayer by playing out wit the different types of layers provided by Core Graphics, is an iOS app called Layer Player. The app is also open-source and its source code is available on Github.

After the initial fanfares, I threw myself deep down the rabbit hole of managing complex UIView hierearchies, animating and switching between different AutoLayout constraint hierarchies, CALayer masking, etc. I hadn’t done so much core graphics stuff since 2009/2010, when I worked on Flash/Flex UIs.

This week, I visited the Hacking Machine Learning meetup in Munich, organised and hosted by Stylight. It is a nice opportunity to meet like-minded people passionate about data, and hear about their expereinces. I am thinking about submitting a talk proposal, where I will talk about my experiences trying to beat the cryptocurreny markets with machine learning techniques.

On the meetup, I heard about a machine learning conference in Prague - MLPrague. I would love to visit, but only for one day. I will try to ask the organizers, but I am also willing to buy and share a ticket (if it works). If anyone is interested, pelase, write in the comments or send me a message.

Speaking of conferences and other events, next week I will be visiting the Elastic{ON} Tour in Munich, as well as the Swift Lightning Talks Munich meetup, this time organized and hosted by my company, CHECK24. In case you happen to be visiting any of them and want to catch up, send me a DM on Twitter.

Layer Player - App Store | Github

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