Yesterday, I officially had my first-ever half-marathon. It was a very tiresome (I still feel as if a train has gone over my body), but extremely exhilarating experience. I still remember putting it as one of my personal goals for the year, back in 2016 when I was still struggling through a mere couple KMs without giving up. To get from there to yesterday’s pace in just a few months of training, was a confirmation that one could achieve anything with patience, dedication, and the support of friends. This could only make me train harder and get even better.

Coincidentally or not, this was the first time I ran the whole distance in one take without a single stop. It is also my fastest run ever. I had reached the distance in a few training sessions before,but never without at least one stop, and not even close to yesterday’s pace. I guess running with teammates on one’s side, in a group of a thousand people, brings some hidden energy reserves that have previously remained locked.

As for the race itself, Sixtuslauf is a relatively small event, local to the region of Munich and Upper Bavaria. Lake Schliersee lies in the shadow of its bigger brother, lake Tegernsee, but is nonetheless just as picturesque (as I hope, can be seen from my photos). The running track was quite nice as well. A small part of it goes through the small town surrounding the lake,but most of it goes through the woods, and hills surrounding the lake.

I can totally recommend this run for anyone who has recently started with running, and lives or is traveling to Munich this time next year. There is a relatively small number of participants (1300 yesterday), which is not putting a much stress on beginners, but is large enough to provide an energizing, competitive atmosphere.



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